• Treating malignant biliary obstruction caused by cholangiocarcinoma or pancreatic cancer


  • Optimized temperature based mode allows safe procedure and prevents tissue charring to decrease any chance of perforation
  • Multiple biopolar electrodes makes a linear ablation zone
  • Electrodes can be selected according to the length of the stricture size : 18mm / 33mm

  • Electrodes are a biopolar system and single use ONLY
  • Endoscopic and percutaneous approaches are available
  • It is compatible with the VIVA Combo™ generator ONLY

Ordering Information

Endoscopic Approach
Code Total Length(cm) Exposure Length(mm) Diameter
7-4B18L 175 18 7Fr(2.31mm)
7-4B33L 33
Percutaneous Approach
Code Total Length(cm) Exposure Length(mm) Diameter
7-4B18S 40 18 7Fr(2.31mm)
7-4B33S 33

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