• Benign and malignant colorectal obstruction


  • Fixed cell with braided construction
    High flexibility and optimal radial force


  • Silicone covering and soft round ends
    Reduce tissue ingrowth and hyperplasia reaction


  • Visible green suture for easy removal


  • Radiopaque marker: 4 (four) at both ends & 2 (two) in the middle

Released Articles

  • From iatrogenic digestive perforation to complete anastomotic disunion: endoscopic stenting as a new concept of ‘‘stent-guided regeneration and re-epithelialization’’
    by Laila Amrani, MD et al [Gastrointest Endosc. 2009 Jun;69(7):1282-7]


  • Comparison of uncovered stent with covered stent for treatment of malignant colorectal obstruction
    by Kee Myung Lee, MD, PhD et al [Gastrointest Endosc. 2007 Nov;66(5):931-6]

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