• A compression assisted device for femoral artery puncture sites after removal of an arterial sheath
  • Recommended after diagnostic angiography


  • Easy to use
    – Simply apply and turn the rotator clockwise at the desired pressure
    – Suitable pressure for different inguinal conditions (Typical setting)
Slim Intermediate Stout
Rotation 3.5 4 4.5(Max)


  • Adjustable hands-free pressure
    – A great ability to maintain regular and consistent pressure while achieving hemostasis


  • Time efficiency
    – A solution to provide better patient comfort by improving time efficiency over manual compression


  • Typical recommendation for ordinary conditions
    – Stationary position for the first two hours, mobile condition for the next two hours, and then removal of the Xpress
    – It can be affected by the degree of obesity, the amount of anticoagulant, the size of the sheath, and the puncture size location.

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